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Staged workshop of the complete opera
Opera Company of Brooklyn
May 3, 2008 at 7:00 PM
at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue
30 West 68th Street, New York, NY

Adam B. Silverman

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Susan Gubernat Librettist
Jay Meetze OCB Artistic Director and Conductor
Judy Weinstein:  Stage Director
Sarah Jane Hintz-Rau Chorus Director
Christopher Bruckman Pianist
William Hicks OCB Assistant Artistic Director and Pianist

[ CAST ]

Tracy Wise, tenor:  Janusz Korczak and Korczak's Father
Mary Rauh, mezzo-soprano:  Stefa Wilczynska
Maija Lisa Currie, soprano:  Esterka Winogron
Giuseppe Spoletini, baritone:  Bula Szulc, Male Passerby, Mr. M and SS Soldier
Candice Hoyes, soprano:  Miss G. and Nun 1
Kathryn Krasovec, soprano:  Female Passerby and Nun 2
Mark Kaczmarczyk, bass:  Mr. S., Adam Czerniakow, Father Christmas/Herod, and SS Soldier
Jonathan Hare, bass-baritone:  Neighbor, Mr. M and Rickshaw Driver
Danielle Musick, soprano:  Nun 3
Laurie Rubin, mezzo-soprano: 
Nun 4


Ben Albert: 
Alexander Bird: 
Will Conard: 
Sabrina Edelman: 
Caroline Lenz: 
Marleina Hanau Cohen: 
Natasjah Holtz: 
Kristina Lakshin: 
Taylor Lockwood: 
Tyler Mitnik: 
Yonatan Rozin: 
Lydia Mariko Stetson: 
and Jozef
Ghetto Child
Ghetto Child
Ghetto Child

Henryk (Young Korczak)
Ghetto Child

In May 2008, The Opera Company of Brooklyn presented a staged piano/vocal production of Korczak's Orphans. This was the first time that the newly-complete opera was heard in its entirety, and it reunited many of the performing and artistic personnel of the OCB's 2007 performances of Korczak's Orphans excerpts.

This presentation, at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, was part of that temple's Yom Hashoah (Day of Remembrance) observances. As Yom Hashoah is observed, this opera resonates as a reminder of the tragedy of the war, as a tribute to the lost lives of innocent children, and as a memorial to Janusz Korczak, whose legacy remains to this day as a shining example of a protector’s role in the face of horrific tragedy.


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