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Betty Jean Lifton's The King of Children From left: King of Children author Betty Jean Lifton with "Korczak's Orphans" librettist Susan Gubernat

The King of Children: The Life and Death of Janusz Korczak by Betty Jean Lifton is the most complete biography of Janusz Korczak in the English language. Chosen by the New York Times as a Notable Book of the Year, this book reveals the rich legacy of Korczak's work and provides a fascinating insight into his complex and inspiring life. The new paperback edition includes a passionate introduction by Elie Wiesel.

The Ghetto Diary of Janusz Korczak is available in an English translation, with a preface written by Betty Jean Lifton.

The movie Korczak by acclaimed Polish director Andrzej Wajda is available in an English-subtitled version. Starring Wojciech Pszoniak as Janusz Korczak.


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